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The lovely city of Athens welcomes the doctors and staff of Reddy Medical Group, as well as the services they provide.  With their world-class expertise and passion for what they do, the residents of this community feel blessed to have doctors of this caliber available to assist them with their medical needs.  Our staff of Athens doctors is comprised of:


Dr. Ram K. Reddy


The founder of Reddy Medical Group, Dr. Reddy's main area of interest is with diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and preventative medicine.  He is widely recognized in Georgia for his accomplishments in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Research, and has been recognized by corporate giant Novartis for his "Outstanding commitment to Hypertension and Cardiovascular diseases."


Dr. Kancharla


Reddy Medical Group's Chief of Staff, Dr. Kancharla specializes in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.  His main focus is in the areas of cardiology, diabetes, lipid disorders, and hypertension.  He is also extremely skilled at joint injections and minor dermatologic surgery.


Dr. Nguyen


He has many varied interests, including, but not limited to, music and travel, and family practice care.  He is also an adept at sports medicine, as well as laser for dermatological treatments, skin chemical peels, and Botox.  He also has a long experience with Juvederm injections, and various other methods of cosmetic dermatology.      


Dr. Bruno Denis


Primarily focused on both preventative medicine and family medicine, Dr. Bruno Denis also has other interests besides medicine.  He is a passionate photographer, a breeder of St. Bernards, and an avid sailor.  Reddy Medical Group is happy to have Dr. Bruno Denis on board!  


For more information about Athens doctors, please call (706) 621–7575 and if this is an after-hours emergency please call (706) 621-7575 (Ext. 1111) and we will gladly assist you. 

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