Eye injuries can range from minor surface scratches, to severe puncture wounds that could require either simple monitoring, or immediate treatment for a complete and healthy recovery. As arguably one of our most valuable senses, it’s important that proper action be taken in order to appropriately care for eye injuries in the most effective way possible. Injuries can damage the eye, sometimes to the point that vision may be lost. Regardless of your condition, a visit to the eye doctor is crucial in order to avoid pesky infections, and the possibility of more threatening conditions in the eye.

Some of the disorders most commonly associated with eye injury and trauma are listed below. Each requires individual care and attention, and consulting a physician is always recommended before proceeding with treatment.

Scratched Eye
Scratched eyes, or Corneal Abrasions, can be caused by small particles of dirt, eyelashes, and other substances such as sand. Generally, average to significant discomfort will be experienced, and redness and or sensitivity to light are common side effects. Scratches can make the eye more susceptible to fungi and bacteria, especially if the particle that entered the eye was a dirty or contaminated substance. Try to avoid rubbing the eye in this instance, and seek medical attention if severe pain ensues.

Foreign objects in eye
If sharp objects such as scraps of metal, or flying objects from a lawnmower or other machine enter the eye, seek emergency help right away. Injuries of this classification may cause changes in the size or shape of the pupil, bleeding, or damage to internal structures of the eyeball. Medical treatment may be necessary, and shielding or covering the eye with a tissue while traveling to the hospital is highly recommended in order to prevent further complications.

Blows to the eye
Damage to the eye, skin and other tissues as caused by a direct blow can cause bruising and trauma to the bones of the eye socket, frequently resulting in a black eye. A cold compress or ice pack should be applied as soon as possible to injuries of this sort. Internal damage is possible, and if the eyelid was cut in the incident, additional care is necessary in order to prevent infection and complications in the healing process.

Burns to the eye
Burns to the eye can be caused by a variety of factors. Chemicals, fumes, bursts of flames, hot steam or air, and even sunlight can all cause painful damage to the eye and should not be brushed off as minor injuries. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection will help prevent burns caused by solar radiation, however if a chemical substance enters the eye, more drastic measures should be taken to evade permanent damage to the eye. Should a foreign substance enter the eye, run a steady stream of lukewarm tap water over the surface of the eyeball for 15 minutes, and consult a doctor immediately.

Treat all injuries as possible emergencies, and don’t hesitate to contact a doctor in the event of trauma to the eye. Reddy Urgent Care is open seven days a week, and always has a 24-hour on-call physician for emergency visits. Eyesight is a precious resource to risk, so call us if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above.