With so much buzz going around about the latest health tips and tricks, you may find yourself in a whirlwind of blog posts, articles, and opinion columns that provide more confusion than clarity. How is it possible to keep track of everything you read, and weed through what may be important, and what may just be a gimmick to sell you a supplement pill? If you’re looking for detailed facts and descriptions, an influx of information is a great thing. But if you simply want to know how to squeeze a quick and effective workout plan into your busy schedule, you may not want the insignificant clutter of media that accompanies the research process.

In order to provide you with a break from all of the health hullabaloo, today we’ve provided you with four general health tips that are simple, and easy to keep in mind on a daily basis. Read these tips for a guide to better living in multiple areas of life.

1. Rise and Shine
Eat breakfast! One of the most common and destructive habits that dieters form is cutting this incredibly valuable meal out of their daily routine. Studies show that kick starting your metabolism in the morning with a balanced breakfast actually helps you to lose weight faster, without going hungry. Eat things like whole-wheat toast, fruit, high fiber cereals, low-fat milk or yogurt, and boiled eggs to stay full and fit.

2. Don’t Weight
When working out, make sure to do your weight exercises first, before moving on to cardio and more high-intensity workouts. Your body is better able to handle heavy lifting earlier in the workout when you’re still feeling fresh and energized. Cardio should be done last, as activities that get your heart pumping increase blood flow to your muscles, flush out lactic acid, and ultimately build up the muscles you worked on during weight training.

3. Mental Breakdown
Take half an hour each day to slow down and sort through how you’re feeling. Keeping stressful thoughts inside can worsen high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression, leading to complications in both your personal and professional lives. Becoming more mindful about day-to-day living by partaking in yoga and mediation activities can help with uneasy and overwhelming feelings of stress, leading to better health.

4. Dream Big
With so many things going on in your life, you’re bound to have some sleepless nights where it seems like your mind will never stop racing. Most healthy adults average around 7-8 hours of sleep per night, so if you aren’t falling into this category, try working on a better schedule in order to develop a healthier sleeping pattern. A lack of sleep can affect nearly every aspect of your life including relationships, recovery from illnesses and your performance at work. Adequate sleep may sometimes seem impossible to achieve, but focusing on a consistent bedtime ritual is a great start to getting your body, and mind, back on track.